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Church Farm Park

Dog Policy

We want Church Farm to be fabulous fun for the whole family- including our pals with paws!


However, to make sure that our animals or other customers aren't bothered by your dog please follow these simple rules- 

  • Your dog must be on a short lead at all times. Extendable leads must not be used.

  • Please clear up immediately if your dog fouls. You must have waste bags on you at all times.

  • You can use any litter bin or special dog bin to deposit the waste.

  • Keep your dog under control. If your dog is causing a nuisance or a threat to farm park users, farm animals, other dogs or any wildlife on site, you will be asked to leave.

  • Dogs by law are not permitted in clearly demarcated children’s play areas.

  • Restrictions also apply to other designated areas and attractions. Please observe any signage.

  • Only one dog is permitted per person.

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