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Christmas tree sales start on the 18 November this year.


There's no need to book for Christmas tree purchasing, just turn up!

We're open on the dates shown below from 10am - 5pm.

Growing and selling Christmas trees has been part and parcel of what we do at Church Farm for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on producing quality trees that are freshly cut from our forest and on the helpful and friendly service we provide to all of our visitors.

It is our belief that choosing your Christmas tree should be a fun, easy and memorable experience, so we strive to make it one!


The freshest trees

We also believe it’s important for you to see where your Christmas tree comes from, so you can be sure of its freshness and know, with the right care, it will last to the New Year. That is why we are welcoming you inside of our Christmas Tree Forest to choose your tree and have it cut fresh right in front of you!

All heights and varieties

We have over 16,000 growing Christmas trees on our farm of all different shapes, sizes and varieties, so we’re confident you’ll find the tree that’s right for you. You can read more about our varieties HERE.

Free helpful advice

To make choosing even easier we also offer a full Christmas tree service, which includes: helpful advice on which variety is best suited for you, instructions on how to care for your tree at home, all necessary base work to fit the trunk to your stand, tree netting, and assistance carrying your tree to your car or in arranging delivery to your home!

Christmas can truly begin once you have your tree and there’s no beating a real one! So what are you waiting for?

A Christmas Tradition


Start (or continue!) your family tradition of picking your Christmas tree with us here at Church Farm – we can’t wait to see you! 

Before You Visit


Please dress appropriately on the day of your visit; taking weather conditions into consideration. We can’t book the sun and commonly walked footpaths are likely to become muddy, so don’t come in your Sunday best or high heels – make sure you wear suitable clothing and footwear. 

We strongly recommend you measure the space where you’re planning to put your Christmas tree before you visit. Not just the height but the width also. Guessing your measurements could mean you have to do some serious pruning of your tree when you get home, which you’ll want to avoid!


Choosing Your Church Farm Christmas Tree 

Grab a Measuring Stick. Christmas trees have a habit of growing during the car ride from the forest to your home - guessing heights can often lead to your perfect tree now curving against your living room ceiling - so make sure you grab a measuring stick on entry to know exactly how tall the trees are. 

Varieties are Signposted. Read the TREE TYPES AND PRICES section for more information on the 5 varieties we grow. Each variety will have its own zone in our forest, so look at the ends of the tree beds for signs, so you know which variety of tree you’re looking at. If you need help, ask a member of staff for further guidance or information.

Follow the Price Guide. We have trees of all different shapes and sizes, so take your time looking - it is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make this Christmas! Read the TREE TYPES AND PRICES section to get an estimate of how much your tree will cost. Price is determined by the height and variety of your tree. 

Chosen your tree? Let a member of staff know! A senior member of staff will be called over to confirm the price of your tree with you. You’ll then get to watch it be chopped right in front of you - it doesn’t get fresher than that! It is at this point we’ll do any necessary base work to ensure the trunk fits your stand. 

Payment & Delivery. Once your tree has been chopped, a member of staff will then carry it for you to the marquee, where you can browse our shop and make your final payment, while your tree is being netted. It is here you can arrange for local delivery or have a member of staff carry your netted tree to your car. DELIVERY ZONES AND DELIVERY PRICES

Bases, refreshments and wreaths. The marquee where you entered, has hot drinks to keep you warm whilst you walk around our forest. You’ll also find Christmas wreaths, festive fancies and a selection of stands in the marquee but we recommend you peruse these items on checkout after you’ve chosen your tree!

How to find us
We'll be selling trees directly from our forest this year so access will be directly off the A540 between Church Farm and Heswall.
It will not be possible to access the forest from the usual Church Farm access so please don't use that!



Hopefully we've answered most of your questions on this page but if not we have some more info here for you


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