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Tree Types & Prices


We grow the five most popular Christmas tree varieties in our forest. Do have a read below to get an idea which one will be best for you.


For an normal height room you're looking for about a 7ft (2m) tree so we've given you an idea of what a tree in each variety would cost too.

All of our trees are priced individually based on width, shape and height.


Nordmann Fir

By far UK’s most popular Christmas tree! The Nordmann Fir is a slow growing, bushy tree with long, soft needles and well-spaced branches for plenty of decorations. It's famed for its symmetrical shape and excellent needle retaining properties, making it the perfect tree for most households.

PRICE GUIDE- A 7ft (about 2m) tall Nordmann Fir will cost about £60


Norway Spruce

A traditional Christmas tree from the Victorian era. The Norway Spruce has short prickly needles, making it a great choice for cat owners who are tired of having their tree pulled over. Its densely packed branches give emphasis to the desirable cone shape looked for in Christmas trees. This variety is better harvested closer to Christmas to help needle retention.

PRICE GUIDE- A 7ft (about 2m) tall Norway Spruce will cost about £46


Fraser Fir

America’s most popular Christmas tree! The Fraser Fir is another soft needled tree that is well known for its great needle retaining properties. It’s a narrower/ more slender variety - making it ideal for smaller spaces - and has densely packed branches that show off its desirable cone shape. When brought indoors, the Fraser Fir has an incredible, citrusy scent if kept well watered.

PRICE GUIDE- A 7ft (about 2m) tall Fraser Fir will cost about £60


Noble Fir

A more modern day Christmas tree that is notoriously difficult to grow. The Noble Fir has soft, bluey-green needles and is another variety known for its excellent needle retention. Its stiff, well-spaced branches make it a popular choice for people needing a tree that can withstand larger/ heavier decorations. We grow these trees primarily for their foliage which we use on our wreaths.

PRICE GUIDE- A 7ft (about 2m) tall Noble Fir will cost about £60


Scots Pine

Another traditional tree that was once very popular in the UK. The Scots Pine has a distinctive candle like shape, with long needles and branches that curve upwards. It has excellent needle retaining properties and a wonderful pine fragrance but might be seen as acquired taste to some!

PRICE GUIDE- A 7ft (about 2m) tall Scots Pine will cost about £46


Rooted Trees In Pots

We also have a selection of small, potted trees for sale, which are ideal for planting in your garden!

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