Church Farm School Visits


Church Farm could be ideal for your next school visit. We have a fantastic farm park with outdoor play areas and covered indoor areas with two huge people-carrying trailers.

Our basic package includes farm admission for your group plus exclusive use of the indoor eating area.

Low Admission Price with Optional Modules


Tractor rides and talks are not included in the price of basic admission but if you'd like to add more to your visit then you can add on hosted modules such as a tractor ride or a curriculum-based module such as life cycles & small animals.


New Low Season Rates


For 2021 we've added different prices for different times of the year so if you're able to come anytime you can really save on your visit costs.

Add more to your visit with Modules


If you'd like to add hosted activities to your visit then do have a look at the following modules. You can add up to two modules to your visit if you want to do so. Each module lasts 20 minutes.

Egg Collecting & Pat a Pet

(Not available until restrictions are lifted)


Take a tour of our hen house where you help to collect eggs from the nesting boxes. Learn about the lifecycle of hens. You then visit the petting barn to hold and stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs!


The egg collecting and pat a pet module costs an additional £30.

Feed the Animals

Meet up with our farmer and see the farm animals! Help to feed the animals and learn fun facts about them. A minimum of 3 different animals are discussed within this module.

The animal tour module costs an additional £30.

Tractor Ride    

Meet up with our farmer who will load you on to our trailer for a tractor ride around the farm to see the animals and awesome views.

The tractor ride costs an additional £30.


Meet the Reindeer    

Meet up with our farmer who will show you around the reindeer house

and /or paddocks so you can learn about our reindeer and give them a stroke. 

The reindeer meet costs an additional £30.

Bags of Animal Feed

Having your own bag of animal feed lets you take things at your own pace and pick your favourite animals to feed! Children must be supervised by an adult.


30 bags of animal feed costs an additional £25


Download Section

Here's where you can get some prices, a risk assessment and some additional advice about planning your visit.


Make an Enquiry

To ask about availability or find out more about what we offer then do contact Farmer Abby using

2021 Visit Risk Assessment

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