The Santa Experience Frequently asked questions

The Santa Experience

Is farm park access included with The Santa Experience

The farm park will be closed while The Santa Experience is running. You therefore won't be able to use the farm attractions during your visit. It will be possible to see some of the farm animals from the ride though.

How long does The Santa Experience last?

The whole ride lasts about 70 minutes. This comprises 15 mins on the tractor, 10 mins in the reindeer barn, 15 mins at the reindeer viewing area, 10 mins back on the tractor, 5 mins walk to Santa then 15 minutes talking to Santa.

How soon do we need to arrive?

Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your booked ride time to give yourself time. If you're late it usually won't be possible to get you on another time slot.

Will the event take place if it's windy / raining?

Yes, the event will continue in all weather conditions providing it is safe to do so. Most of the experience takes place in a covered tractor or building. There are only a few walking sections outdoors. Please do ensure that everyone has warm and waterproof clothing to keep them cosy on the ride.

Can we use prams / pushchairs?

Unfortunately we can't fit prams or pushchairs on the trailer so ask that these are not used. We recommend baby carriers or slings be used for very small children.

Will we be able to feed / stroke the reindeer?

Feeding the reindeer is strictly prohibited due to their particular diet. You may stroke the reindeer if they come over to you but all interaction is on their terms.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Due to recent legislation changes in England (Plan B) all customers must now wear a face covering in indoor public places.

Due to this we’ll be asking all customers over the age of 11 to wear a face covering when travelling on the trailer and when inside buildings during The Santa Experience.

Our staff and Santa will be wearing masks in these areas too as required by law.

Ticket Questions

Do we need to pre-book for this event?

Yes, this event must be pre-booked. This event is extremely popular and certain dates will sell-out completely. You can book online using the link on the main event page.

My child is ill, can I get a refund / transfer?

Unfortunately not. Just like all other major ticketed attractions it's not posible to refund or transfer tickets at short notice. If you can't make it do see if anyone else is able to take your tickets in your place.

Can I change my ticket date / time?

Unfortunately due to high ticket demand we are unable to amend or alter ticket dates or times after purchase, as specified in our Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you purchase the ticket time you wish to visit.

I did not receive my booking confirmation/tickets, what should I do?

Please email the ticket team directly using and they'll be able to look into this for you.

Do you do discounts for group bookings, disabled visitors or carers?

No, we offer a flat rate for all customers.

What does the free under 2 child ticket include?

Children under 2 are free providing they are carried when on the trailer or when walking. They'll be able to see and enjoy the whole experience and get a photo with Santa too. This free ticket doesn't include a gift or a mention from Santa however. If you'd like your under 2 year old to receive a gift and be mentioned by Santa then do purchase a child ticket for them instead.

Can we book two adjacent rides for a larger group?

Yes, but you'll need to get in touch with us to do this. Not all ride times are shown on the booking system so we'll usually need to book you in manually. Each ride group will still need to travel around the ride seperately from the other one to ensure that everyone can see and so that the timing structure still works.

Do adults and children need tickets?

Yes, each person attending requires a ticket.

I don't know what my child wants for Christmas yet- can I fill this in later?

Yes, the two questions about presents and being good are deferable meaning you can fill them in later. Do make sure you setup an account when you purchase tickets so you can login at a later date to do this.

Additional Questions

Are dogs allowed on the ride?

Unfortunately not everyone likes dogs so for the enjoyment of everyone we ask that all pets are left at home.

My child has a food allergy, do you have an alternative to the usual chocolate gift?

Yes, we have an alternative edible Santa for children with allergies which look like this - Do check the ingredients and allergen information thoroughly to make sure they're suitable for your child. Just mention you'd like the alternative gift to Santa when the gifts are handed out and we'll have these ready in the basket for you. If our alternative gift isn't suitable then you can choose to bring along your own item and we can get this to Santa to pass on to your child.

Can we feed the animals?

Unfortunately this will not be possible.

My question hasn't been answered here. Can I email you?

Sure, for all event enquiries do email our event team using and we'll do our best to help.


How does the personalization work?

When you book online we'll ask you some questions about the children in your group. Santa will then use some of this info to personalize each group.

Do we get to meet Santa?

Yes, you will meet Santa in person as part of your visit. Santa will meet your group and speak to everyone together but you should be able to get a photo of just your family with Santa too.

What presents should we fill in when we place our booking?

Do only add presents to the form which your children will be receiving from Santa on the big day. Please don't let us know about items which they've asked for but aren't likely to receive. Also do make sure that you don't include any surprise presents. All info on the form could be referenced by Santa as part of your visit.

How do I enter or change the child information at a later date?

Some of the questions required at booking have the option to be deferred and also can be changed at a later date too. If you login to your account here Login ( you should be able to find your order and add the additional information/ make changes as required.

People with reduced mobility

Is there much walking involved?

The experience comprises 20 mins on the tractor, 10 mins in the reindeer barn, 20 mins at the reindeer viewing area, 10 mins back on the tractor, 5 mins walk to Santa then 15 minutes talking to Santa. The walk from the car park to the tractor itself is about 25m. The walk and scene around the reindeer barn is 60m in total. The walk from the tractor to Santa is about 130m.

Is the terrain suitable for wheelchairs?

Most of the paths on the farm are hard core - a packed road surface with loose stones. It should be accessible using most wheelchairs and buggies,

Are there any large gradients?

The farm is on a sloped site but you shouldn't need to traverse and major hills as part of the ride route.

Can we take wheelchairs on the tractor?

We're able to accommodate one folding wheelchair on each trailer. Please do email to book this in as soon as you've placed yout order.

Are there any stairs or steps?

Yes- the trailer has 4 steps for access but there are hand railings to assist in this process. Elsewhere there's a single step to enter and exit the reindeer barn.