Do we need to book?

Yes, all Enchanted Encounters must be pre-booked.

Who is Enchanted Encounters suitable for?

Enchanted Encounters is suitable for adults, couples or families with older children. It isn't suitable for very young children or babies.

How are Enchanted Encounters and The Santa Experience different?

The Santa Experience is a 40 minute drive around the farm with lit-up trees and scenes and a variety of characters on your route. The ride also includes Santa with a personalised chat and chocolate gift for each child too. For the Santa Experience you must remain in your car once your experience starts so you view all scenes, Santa and the reindeer from your car. For Enchanted Encounters you drive around the same route as The Santa experience to reach the Reindeer Lodge. There are the same lit-up trees etc. but no scenes, characters, presents or Santa but you do get to go into the reindeer stable with one of our reindeer handlers to meet the reindeer in person. Enchanted Encounters also includes 40 minutes by a fireplace with smores kit whereas the Santa Experience does not include these elements.

Will we be able to touch / stroke the reindeer?

Our animal’s welfare is our primary concern therefore we will not force them to behave against their nature and all interaction is done on their terms. Under normal conditions you will be able to get near to them though.