Church Farm

Adventure Camp

Sample Itinerary

This is an example of what a typical day at Church Farm Adventure Camp could include. All contents are subject to change.

09:30 – Drop Off:

All children will be dropped off at our main car park, where you will be met by our lead instructor & your tractor safari.

09:50 – Tractor Safari:

We all load up onto our Safari trailer which will be pulled by our tractor through the farm. You will get to see all our amazing animals as we head towards our forest.

10:00 – HQ brief

Once we have reached our Bush Craft HQ, we will settle in and have a quick brief on the days activities.

10:10 – Ice Breaker & buddy buddy system

We will first play some ice breakers to learn everyones names. Following this we talk through the ‘buddy buddy’ system. This is a great method to get the children to bond and also teaches them responsibly and trust. Each child will be partnered with another for the day, they must go everywhere together at all times, each day the childrens partners will change so by the end

of the week, they will have buddied up with everyone. We will go and check the tracking traps to see if we have captured any wild footprints! We will also then try to identify those prints.

10:45 – Introduction into bush craft part 1:

On this first session, we will focus on the basics. We will show the children a number of different shelters in forest built by our instructors and go through how/why they were built. The children will then be put into small teams and start building their own shelters, focusing mainly just on the structures. We will add more and more to our shelters throughout the week until every
child, by the end of the week is confident enough to build a structurally sound, water proof  insulated shelter. We also look at the basics of fire lighting, including, fire starting with a flint & steel, how to build a fire & fire health & safety

12:15 – Bush Craft Brunch:

We will all gather around our HQ and enjoy all our packed lunches together, interacting, telling jokes and stories. No distractions, no electronics, just good food, each others company & the sound of the forest

13:15 – Camp Crafts

We will now enjoy some camp crafts. This will include forest jewellery, birdhouse art & animal predator alarm warning systems, any and all crafts the children make they can keep at the end of the week.

14:15 – Camp Games:

We will now head to our massive games field, where we have a full Nerf war zone set up, as well as: floor is lava obstacle course, ultimate tag zone, capture the flag, dodge ball and other camp games. The children can pick which games they want to play and burn of any energy left for the day!

15:30 – HQ debrief & Camp awards:

At our HQ we will have a debrief of the day, we will then do some camp awards for all the children.

15:50 – Tractor Extraction:

We will load back onto our safari Trailer and head back to the drop off/collection point. This will be the end of the day

16:00 – Collection

All Children will be collected at the collection/drop off point.

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